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February 10, 2010


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I absolutely love it. We never got a huge snowfall like that this year, and I'm bummed. Actually, I think we've only gotten a snow that big once since we've lived here. So fun. Except the shoveling. :)


Wish I could get all of you down here somehow... Some kinda sci-fi device. It is cold, but I have lots of eggs and we could go to the Mardi Gras parades down on Galveston Island! :)


Sort of makes our huge snowstorm look wimpy, but I still bet you will be sick of looking at it in a day or two. We are averaging 15 degrees colder this winter than average. I want spring already.


Holy cow! That is a ton of snow. Great pictures. I'm so jealous although I'm certain you are quite done with snow. I love the snow. In my mind I do anyway. I wonder if I still would if I lived in a place that got snow?

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