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March 23, 2010


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Hey Jendoop! Just wanted to say G'day, that I enjoy your comments at Segullah, and I read Sugar Queen last week and enjoyed it too! Not as much as Garden Secrets, but I still laughed out loud and wanted the same whimsy in my life. :)


Hey Jen,
I'm eating Lucky Charms while reading your blog. It's past bedtime but I couldn't sleep.
Thanks for the book ideas. See ya


You've gotta love pictures kids take of themselves.

I eat a good breakfast 6 days a week (Fiber 1 cereal or whole wheat toast) so on Sundays I always eat a big bowl of unhealthy sugared cereal. YUM! I figure one day isn't going to kill me.

Thanks for the book recomendation. I'll have to add it to my list!


I just bought The Sugar Queen and Garden Spells on my kindle. Thanks for the recommendations!



I'll have to read Garden Secrets, another book for the list!

It sounds like I need to make Lucky Charms my friends' Christmas gifts this year ;)

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