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April 23, 2010


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Sigh...those jokes are the best...
My husband and I spent at least 50% of our time in class passing notes back and forth and trying not to snicker too loudly.

But really, it's exciting to be so close to finished!

BTW, how big is your garden? We've got 400 sq. ft. but it's spread out over three spots, and sort of funny shaped, and I've never been sure if I should just get a rototilller or not. It doesn't take me too long to just go through it with a spade, about a day.


The last class we went to we were the only couple that showed up, so it would have been very obvious if we were passing notes and giggling. Then again the workers seem to feel that as long as we're in the room and still have a pulse it's good.

Yes, you should rent a rototiller! It cost abt $30 for 4 hours (you might be able to get a better price) and I tilled our 10'x17' garden in less than an hour - after I got a machine that worked properly. Now that I've used it for 3 yrs the soil is pretty loose and I may be able to spade or pitchfork it easily next year. My soil needed amendments, using the tiller spreads that more evenly than I could by hand.


Yeah, I definitely needed to work in some manure this year, and it wouldn't hurt next year either. There are a few tree roots, but they're not big, and I should probably get rid of them anyway.

I'll have to remember this next spring, when I feel like not being bothered to go to the hardware store. I'm sort of confused like that: too lazy to go to the hardware store for a half hour, but not too lazy to spend several extra hours turning dirt.


Way to go on getting all three done. And, I'm thinking, 9/10 is pretty good! I'm glad that the going with out sugar is getting easier. I wish I had your will-power!

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