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April 26, 2010


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My friend that I told you about earlier expressed considerable disappointment in the foster care system at times. One of the babies they took care of was returned to the family prematurely, she felt, which made for a lot of fear and anxiety on her part as they separated.

It's a hard thing, fostering. But I think she also felt that there were many rewards.


Remember Whom is asking you to serve these children. they are His and He will help you every step of the way!


Sue, I've heard from other foster parents that returning children home to an environment that isn't ready for them complicates the already intense emotions felt when saying goodbye to a child. My heart goes out to your friend and I'm watching her blog with interest. (Maybe one day I'll actually make a blogroll of all the great foster sites out there.)

Harlene, awesome comment. Just what I needed to hear, thanks!


RAD kids definitely take a little extra umph in your day. But the worker is right, we can't just ignore them. Although they do need some extra interventions, I really think that what they need most is to absolutely positively know that they are loved no. matter. what. I love reading your heart for these kids. You'll do great.

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