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April 25, 2010


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You are so not a jerk. I promise.


I vote not a jerk. Especially since you made sure to make amends afterward.


Came here from Segullah to see what you were such a jerk about. ;) I don't think you were a jerk at all. If someone leaned over and told me to be quiet during the Sacrament (after all, it's the most important part of the whole 3 hours we're there), I'd be SO mortified at my poor behavior that was ruining the moment for someone else. I suspect she was similarly embarrassed.


I've run into that very scenario many times in church. I'm kind of glad you spoke up, because I never have...not with adults, anyway.



Thanks for your support! The great thing about this is that church comes along every week so I'll have many more opportunities to be nice.


you know that lady would have given your kdis the stink eye if they were loud... well, then again, maybe she can't hear and that is why she was so loud. I was told to be quiet by a complete stranger at a leadership meeting.


The sad thing is that alot of the older folks can't hear so well anymore. I know because I went through that with my mother and you had to yell into her left ear only. But still...I hate hearing people talk in church. Or anywhere public when it's more polite to keep quiet. Anyone been to a movie lately??? It's just so very rude.

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