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March 04, 2010


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There is something about learning that hard is not bad. And learning that the hard, when it has passed or has been continual it become easier as we do and we have the Lord's help to do and we can do happily. Of course, this lesson is a lifetime one. Still learning it and teaching it:).


p.s. You may post what you requested. thanks for asking.


I love this post. Too often we are frustrated that life is difficult, when, in reality, after we accept that fact, it becomes much easier.


Lusche, that understanding of hard not being bad is key to thriving through trials, I think.

Carol, isn't that the irony of it all? The idea reminds me of how to best deal with physical pain. If we tense our bodies in reaction to pain, it creates more pain. But if we allow ourselves to feel it, to consciously let it roll through us while at the same time remaining relaxed then the pain is easier to bear. At least that worked through 9/10ths of natural childbirth :)


It has taken more than two years to get our children used to doing chores, but they are getting there. I am amused by how much teaching children to do hard things increases the parent's ability to do hard things as well.
Thanks for the thoughts, they are helpful right now.

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