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March 06, 2010


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You mean you don't wear a skirt over your pants?!?!?! It goes so well with my tinfoil hat. :)
I agree... I don't care for attitude. I hate being associated with that kind of homeschooler. I like funny, I have tons of goofy HS stuff, but it is no excuse for bad behavior.


Oh! Oh! You wear a tinfoil hat too? :) You got me to laugh out loud with that.

I just stumbled across this article in the NYtimes that is applicable (and funny).


Our storytime has crafts after. I quit going because having two kids glueing things in a place where I worried where the sticky was going was too nerve wracking.


Great article! We came across a parent at the duck-park a few days ago.... Teaching little Billy about pyrite or "Fools Gold". She was loud and Billy was throwing bread to the ducks. He ignored her. He was about 3 and threw a huge screaming fit when they ran out of bread. As he was yelling and she was dragging him away she started to explain how bread gets to the grocery store. :)

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