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May 07, 2010


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Coach jumps from his seat motioning to the ref. For a time out, ref blows whistle and signals time out. Coach motions to Jennifer to come over, coach says “the L word doesn’t exist in Gods vocabulary, that comes from the players on the other team” thinking for a second Jen says “you are right coach, they are just trying to get in my head” Coach: “you are a Goddess in training, they are trying to distract you from your purpose, they are trying to get you to play below your potential, there are no ““L”” words on our team, they don’t exist, we are here to play and get experience, it is all good. Now get back out there and kick some satan stuff.” Jen walks back out on to the court with a renewed conviction, realizing her Devine potential. The coach yells one last word of advice “remember don’t sweat the small stuff they mean nothing, it doesn’t reflect on who you are, it isn’t important to the game, don’t let them distract you with stuff that isn’t important, cause they will if you let them. You are a great player” Jen just smiles and grabs the ball.

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